How to Get New Back on Track When Your Diet has Derailed

How to Get New Back on Track When Your Diet has Derailed

How to get New Back on Track When Your Diet has Derailed. I wander into the kitchen, trawl through the cupboards to satisfy the gurgling sugar beast inside me, and settle on a spoonful of almond butter on a date.

It helps, but honestly, not much. Now I’m dreaming of ice cream. What on earth is happening? I’ve defeated my inner sugar monster but it’s back and it’s hungry.

How to Get New Back on Track When Your Diet has Derailed

Get New Back on Track When Your Diet has Derailed

We just got home from a much-needed family vacation, and I can honestly say I ate way too much. My body and mind are still burning from it. Daily meals, only the bare minimum of vegetables, slipping into harbour territory, not enough water holiday mood on steroids.

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Sometimes people think I’m standing here on my pedestal of kale and bone broth to tell you how to eat. Make no mistake: we stand shoulder to shoulder in the trenches and I know with painful intimacy what it feels like to fall off the wagon and wonder how I’m ever going to get back into the world.

Don’t wait until Monday

Start now. Start the moment you realize you’ve been eating horribly, you feel like crap, and you’re ready to get back on top of things. “I’ll start on Monday” is really code for “I know I should eat better, but I don’t feel ready yet so I’m going to Hog Wild between now and Sunday night and Will magically boost willpower. I need Monday morning.

Be gentle with yourself

It’s easy to beat yourself up when you realize you’ve strayed too far from your ideal program. So what if you’re eating like the Great Cupcake Famine is right around the corner? Welcome to being human. Recognize that every food manufacturer—from large corporate entities with massive marketing budgets to the new ice cream shop down the street—is out to push you away from eating well. They want you to eat their food, lots of it, and they don’t really care how it affects your health or waistline.

Do what you already know

You know more than you think. You don’t need another diet book to teach you the basics. Yes, there are as many, often conflicting theories about “healthy eating” as there are flavours of ice cream, but the central principle is the same: do what you already know.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more veggies
  • Cut the sugar

You might feel worse before you feel better

We believe that when we switch from junk food to healthy food, we should see and feel results immediately. It’s a real kick in the pants when you start eating well and you feel bad at first. Make no mistake:

These foods — especially sugar — are as addictive as drugs, and when we cut them out, we go through withdrawal. To get through it, drink lots of water, get extra sleep wherever you can, and know that it will be worth it when you get to the other side.

Build in a Release Valve:

No one is perfect. Not me, not you. We all need our therapy. There’s nothing wrong with an occasional indulgence – when it becomes a daily habit, we’re in trouble. If you told me I couldn’t eat another Kyra’s cinnamon roll, I would sit down and have a good cry.

But if you told me I could have one day a week where I could indulge my guilty pleasures to my heart’s content, I’d be willing to be a lot more disciplined the rest of the week. I will be So that’s exactly what I do.