How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Reddit?

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Reddit?

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Reddit? Planet Fitness will not allow you to cancel by phone, email, online, or on their app (although you can update your membership online and through the app). You have to do it in person, even if you live in another state or expect it to get your mail. They also do not have a corporate number or email.

Planet Fitness will not allow you to cancel your membership by phone or email. You have to mail them a letter/fill out a form in person & hope they approve it.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Reddit?

Cancelling Planet Fitness

I don’t need a gym as I have built my own personal gym. However, I am also in the process of renovating my home and do not have access to a shower. Therefore, I need a place to shower at night.

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There’s a Planet Fitness nearby, and since it’s only $10 a month, I thought this would be a good option. However, after hearing the horror stories of cancellations, I’m a little wary of signing on the line with them.

  • Strange circumstance, but I wanted to ask you friends:
  • How very difficult is it to cancel at Planet Fitness?

So how painful is it to cancel with them? I only need them for a month or two and then my bathroom should work again.

YSK How to cancel your Planet Fitness Membership

They deliberately make it confusing to discourage you from canceling, but it’s still a very easy process. Just made it today after waiting too long. His website says you have to send a certified letter, but you don’t really have to. The first step is to make sure your balance (usually monthly payment) is paid in full.

The second step is to introduce yourself and ask the clerk at the counter that he wants to cancel. They will do this from your PC, verify your email address is correct and the balance is paid in full, and send you an electronic receipt with the cancel/freeze form at the top showing you canceled and the last date You can use your membership. It also gives you the name of the employee who processed it.

How to Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Reddit

For an added layer of caution, I would go to your bank and stop the payment after the final payment has been made and cleared so they can’t go around and charge again claiming you didn’t cancel. Source: Automated system with ABC Financial, the group that handles billing for Planet Fitness, states what I said and their number is 844-752-6348

How hard is it to cancel a membership for here?

I always hear horror stories about getting a gym membership cancelled. How bad is it at Planet Fitness? I just want to have one during the summer.

Trying to cancel membership

Hi everyone, I am trying to cancel my Planet Fitness membership due to recent financial issues and I no longer find it useful. I went in and was told that it was still under contract and that I would have to pay a $50 purchase fee. From what I was told, there was nothing about a commitment thing and I was never told about a one-year thing.

Planet Fitness needs to change their methods for canceling memberships. Why do I have to come in person or send a damn letter but you can literally confirm my account over the phone?