World Top 10 Most Latest Sought After Cocktails Of 2023

World Top 10 Most Latest Sought After Cocktails Of 2023

World Top 10 Most Latest Sought After Cocktails Of 2023. It’s a time for new beginnings, tempting experiences, and a fresh iteration of ‘New Year, New Me Memories.

In the past year, the cocktail culture and home bar trend has taken the world by storm – people from all over the world. The world came together to take fun sipping seriously, shifting to experimenting with flavorful, vibrant, and consciously sourced cocktails. As consumers rediscovered their love for classic cocktails or explored wacky recipes, their love of cocktails has resonated loud and clear all year long.

World Top 10 Most Latest Sought After Cocktails Of 2023

World Top 10 Most Latest Sought After Cocktails Of 2023

This year, we can expect this love affair to deepen as the New Year brings with it the ultimate set of reasons to raise a glass and celebrate. If you’re one of the many looking to stay up to date on the latest creations in modern mixology, we’ve got you covered.

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Bacardi has released the fourth edition of its Global Cocktail Trends Report 2023, highlighting the 20 most sought-after lip-smacking cocktails that consumers have fallen in love with this year. From old classics to contemporary delights, we dive into the top 10 of these to help make you a complete cocktail connoisseur.

Whether it’s a summer sunset with your favorite mojito, a relaxing daiquiri in the evening, or relaxing poolside with the evergreen pina colada, a chilled serving of your favorite tropical white rum blend is always a welcome companion.

Rum Mojito & Rum Daiquiri

To mix and make some fun and easy serves for you and your friends, simply add 50ml of authentic BACARDÍ Carta Blanca Cuban White Rum to a glass with crushed ice, 25ml of soda and sugar syrup topped with mint leaves and lime. wedges for a refreshing mint mojito. To serve a Tanger Daiquiri, skip the soda while drizzling 50ml plain white rum with lime juice and sugar syrup to taste.

Pina Colada Rum

With an interesting hint of coconut, make your own Piña Colada with equal parts coconut and water poured into a tall glass with 50ml BACARDÍ Carta Blanca Cuban White Rum and ice. Garnish with a pineapple slice and cherry flag to add that extra touch of cheer to your perfect evening of endless celebrations.
As the seasons change, so do our drink preferences, but if there’s one thing we always come back in circles to each winter, it’s that good shot of rum and cola.

Rum & Cola

Fighting the chills as one of the most sought after highballs: this smooth, sweet and evocative cocktail made with two parts Coke and one part BACARDÍ Carta Oro Dark Rum will be the ultimate choice for cocktail aficionados this year.

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As consumers shift their focus toward enjoyment, they are driving demand for fun cocktail experiences, making rum-based cocktails in a variety of exciting and distinctive flavors top choices for cocktail enthusiasts everywhere. the world. We can’t wait to find out how these rum-based cocktails will continue to excite the evolving palates of Indian consumers this year.”
“New year, new flavours” has never been truer for the spirits industry, with nearly a third (30%) of global consumers expressing their intention to purchase a beverage driven solely by curiosity about its flavours. As flavors become favourites, vodka-based cocktails in a variety of different flavors and palates will be an exciting option for adventurous drinkers this year.

With favorites like the simple yet elegant Vodka Soda, Tomato and Paprika Spiced Bloody Mary, and tasty Cranberry Juice Fizzy Cosmopolitans making the list, this is sure to be the year for a variety of vodka-based concoctions to gain an even larger number of followers. .