Mepco Bill Check Online

Visit mepcobill. to conveniently access and manage your MEPCO bill online. This website offers a user-friendly interface, completely free of charge, enabling you to effortlessly view your MEPCO bill. Within the portal, you have the ability to check the recent bill amount, due date, and examine the complete bill in detail. Additionally, you can download a copy of the bill or print out your MEPCO WAPDA bill for convenient payment. To proceed, simply enter your 14-digit reference number or 10-digit customer ID below and access your MEPCO electricity bill.

To check mepco online bill, you just need to know your 14 digit reference number. You can also check your bill by 10 digit Customer ID or Consumer ID. If you don’t know where to find it, please see the red highlighted area in the picture below:


Areas under the MEPCO bill:

The Multan Electric supply company provides services in specific areas of Punjab, especially in south Punjab. There are 107 provisional assemblies and 51 national constituencies under MEPCO. These areas are mostly rural, that’s why many of the customers are domestic electricity users. WAPDA bill can be found in:

Multan Layyah Lodhran
Dera Ghazi Khan Sahiwal Muzaffargarh
Rajanpur Bhawalpur Vehari
Bahawalnagar Khanewal Rahim Yar Khan
Pakpattan such Shreef

These are the given cities that are under MEPCO. So in these cities, you can get the services of MEPCO easily.

It covered the boundary of three provinces, Balochistan, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and five distributing companies:

It also covered the border of India at Machinabad.

MEPCO has a NEPRA National electric power regulatory authority license to provide electricity for 13 districts of Southern Punjab.

MEPCO Electricity Bill:

Sometimes it isn’t easy to make time in a busy life cycle to go and submit your bill. MEPCO Electricity Bill makes things easier by providing online services to pay the bill. It is a waste of time to stand in a long line and wait for your turn to pay the bill with the help of MEPCO bill online. You can do this job easily with your electronic device and pay your bill on the deposit date. Most of the time, the bill is received just before the one-day deposit date, which causes a lot of difficulties like you are not available on that day, and you are out of the city maybe. But, now this problem is solved, and you pay your bill from anywhere in just a few seconds with your mobile phone and can also print your bill.

As mentioned before, the reference number is very important. All you need to do is enter your reference number and easily check the latest MEPCO bill details. You must remember your 14-digit number, or you can also save it in your mobile phone or diary, where you can easily access it whenever you need it. This fourteen-digit number is very important and plays a vital role in getting all your information regarding your bill.

You must follow some steps to check and print a copy of your bill. The steps for the procedure are:

  1. Put your accurate reference number without any spaces
  2. Before pressing the “generate,” you must re-check the reference number to avoid any mistake
  3. After you write the exact reference number, you will get the PDF copy of your current bill on your screen.
  4. You have to press “Ctrl+P” to get a print of your MEPCO duplicate bill. It will instantly take a print for you.

You can also check your PTCL phone and PTCL EVO duplicate bill. This opportunity to get information online from Multan Electric Power Company is easy to access and saves time.

Email service provided by MEPCO bill

By subscribing to your monthly bill, you can use your email address and reference number, which will help you get your bill through email before the due date. But then, you have to put your account on the site and get all the information in your email about your bill.

Taxes in MEPCO bill

There is a list of taxes that you see on the MEPCO bill:

While paying the bill, you have to pay many other taxes. Some of these taxes are:


It stands for fuel price adjustment. The electricity generated by Crude Oil belongs to the FPA price in the MEPCO bill. So when there are fluctuations in the fuel price, you can see the amount in your bill.

T.R. Surcharge

It stands for Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. It is the NEPRA and GOP tariff difference. If the difference is positive, it can be paid as a subsidy by GOP. And, if the difference is negative, it can be paid by GOP as “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge.

F.C. Surcharge

It stands for Financing Cost as an F.C. The surcharge that the officials officially decided on each unit is 43 paisas.

Deferred Amount

This amount of bill has a choice that you can pay it in the same month, or you can also pay it the next month. So the next month, you can get this amount as an installment or in full.

QTR Tariff Adj/DMC

This is the quarterly tariff adjustment amount. It can be shown on your hill after every three months. You can calculate your bill amount by using the Mepco bill calculator.

MEPCO Peak hours

For getting low bills, MEPCO suggested you don’t activate your electronics during some peak hours. Instead, ensure you are not using much electricity in these given hours to save your units.

From April to October, from 6:30 PM to 10:30 PM

From November to March, 6 PM to 10 PM

Information regarding bill

By using, you can easily check the information about the bill, the amount, and the due date. You can also check your full bill and see the meter reading date, the bill issue date, and the number of bills you must pay after the due date with added surcharge, etc. In addition, you can also check whether your paid bill status is paid or not. For this, you have open the full bill and go to bill payment history, where you can find the record of the last 12 months and see all the paid amounts.

General methods to MEPCO bill online payment.

Paying bills via the internet is one of the convenient ways to pay bills. You can pay your bill through your mobile phone in just a few seconds MEPCO itself is not providing an online way of paying bills, but Fintech companies and banks so that customers can use their apps to pay their MEPCO bills online.

There are a lot of banks and franchises. Easypaisa and JazzCash are providing the online method of paying bills.

For this purpose, you must have enough money in your account to pay the bill and have a bank account. Almost all the banks are providing the service of online payment of bills.

Through online banking

Paying your bill through cyberbanking follows some steps. The steps are:

Through Easypaisa

Easypaisa is one of the other fastest ways to pay bills online. However, to pay bills through Easypaisa, you must follow some steps.

You can pay your bill in just mini seconds by using this way.

Through JazzCash

Like Easypaisa, JazzCash is another application used for many payments. You can also pay your bill through JazzCash, but you must have to follow some steps:

It is the convenient and easiest payment method via mobile phones.

Through Daraz wallet

This is the new feature that Daraz provides. It can be used for all the payments of the bill. It also provides a 10% discount on initial bill payments as well. You have to charge with your bank card, and the other process is the same as the other apps.

It is the way you can pay your bill by the site used for online shopping.

You can also transfer the payment of the bill by using alternative payment transfer methods like Mobicash and others, but it contains little tax.

These are all the methods of payment of bills that you can use on your mobile and pay your bills in just a few seconds.

MEPCO New Connection Tracking 2023

Multan Electric Power made things very easy for customers. The new service that MEPCO provides is MEPCO New Connection Tracking. You can track new connection applications in your home by online method. However, some steps must be followed for new connection tracking in 2023.

You can also check your electricity bill by visiting MEPCO bill Online and subscribing to the bill notifications through email and SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About MEPCO

How to check demand notice MEPCO?

With the help of MEPCO, you can easily check your demand notice online. You can also pay demand notices online. If you have a bank account app, you can pay it online and use Easypaisa and JazzCash applications if you don’t have enough time to go to the bank physically. People are often busy in life, and sometimes you are out of the city and country so you can check your status online by Wapda status.

How to check MEPCO bill is paid or not?

To check whether the bill is paid or not, you need to enter the 14-digit code on our official website and get your information on your screen.

How to check electricity bills online MEPCO?

This is a very easy method you have to visit our site only for this purpose. Because it is very difficult to make time for everything and go physically to get information, pay bills, etc. The digitalized world solved all the problems. You can download the duplicate bills and get your bill on your email.

How to check the MEPCO bill by SMS?

The MEPCO allows you to check your MEPCO bill via email and SMS. So you have to enter your email, and you will get all the updates on your email via SMS.

How to check MEPCO’s previous old month’s bill?

The MEPCO allows you to get information about your previous bill. When you open the page by entering the 14-digit code, you will easily get information about everything, as mentioned before.

What is FPA in the MEPCO bill?

This is the most frequently asked question by many: the FPA bill is always higher than the whole bill. What is FPA in the MEPCO bill? The electricity bill is divided into different charges like cost of electricity, F.C surcharge. T.R surcharge, T.V. fee, GST on FPA, and GST. That is all discussed before, but the FPA bill is always higher than the whole bill. Sometimes, it is 200 times higher than the total electricity cost. So, the FPA means the fuel price adjustment charges. These chargers can be seen in all your bills, regardless of whether the units are high or low. The price of FPA depends on the fuel price of the country. Therefore, it can accordingly on the price of fuel.


The busy life routine changed many people’s habits, and the digital world makes things very easy for the world. Paying bills is one of the important things without this, your electricity will be cut down, and you don’t have electricity. But, sometimes we forget to pay the bill on due dates, or sometimes we are put to make time for going to the bank and standing in a long line and waiting for our turn. So, the MEPCO allows you to easily give your bill on due dates on your mobile phones. You can also get information about your current bill, a previous bill, paid amount, and everything else. You need to enter the 14-digit reference number written on your bill and get all the information frequently. So, you can easily manage things on your mobile phone.